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  • Book of Math

    Book of Math

    Book of Math is a game where the player uses their math skills to attack and defend. The quicker the player solves the math problem the greater their chances will be during combat. This was a team project for CS160: Game AI, taught by Professor Michael Mateas. The game concept was created by Jason Roth, […]

  • Ms. Pac-man AI

    Ms. Pac-man AI

    Utilizing the Java framework provided by the pacman vs ghosts competition myself and a teammate wrote AI controllers for both the player and ghost agents. In order to control the player agent a state machine architecture was employed. The states defining player behavior were divided between keeping the player alive, by avoiding the ghost enemies, […]

  • Blast Orbz

    Blast Orbz

    Blast Orbz is a billiards style puzzle game. The player must collide colored balls into each other in order to eliminate them. The faster the player eliminates the balls the better their score will be. Players scores are saved using Google Play leader boards. This is currently free for download on Google Play and is […]

  • Siegebreakers: Level Editor

    Siegebreakers: Level Editor

       Siegebreakers is a multiplayer hack and slash base defense game implemented in C-Sharp. This project represents the total work of myself and eleven other UCSC students. The core mechanic that makes this game so engaging is the AI Director system that is responsible for scaling game difficulty for the players. This system coupled with […]