Siegebreakers: Level Editor


   Siegebreakers is a multiplayer hack and slash base defense game implemented in C-Sharp. This project represents the total work of myself and eleven other UCSC students. The core mechanic that makes this game so engaging is the AI Director system that is responsible for scaling game difficulty for the players. This system coupled with the advanced problem solving enemy AI makes for very fun and somewhat unpredictable game play.

    I was tasked with creating a simple tool with which the team could author levels to be included in the game. This portion of the project involved first determining a standard by which level data, including tile types, buildings, and spawn points, was to be serialized. Once a standard was established I was quickly able to integrate the Siegebreakers tile engine into a windows form application with an embedded XNA view for map editing. I maintained this application throughout most of the project expanding it as new game assets were introduced and the tile engine became more robust. For more information please visit the Siegebreakers website