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  • Dreambooth Kohya SS Install

    – Github Above is the repository for Kohya SS Dreambooth, to install simply clone the repository to a separate folder using Git then run the install.bat file. Note: For better training speed ( iterations per second ) using RTX 40xx GPU’s it’s advised to use CUDA 11.8 so that Xformers can properly access the newest…

  • Resource: Dreambooth Training README

    – Github README describing proper methods for constructing a dataset. According to the README Regularization images allow for prior preservation of a models existing dataset.

  • Resource: Training Stable Diffusion with Dreambooth

    –Blog Post This article describes experiments with different Learning Rates in training models using Dreambooth. FTA: Summary of Initial Results To get good results training Stable Diffusion with Dreambooth, it’s important to tune the learning rate and training steps for your dataset. Faces are harder to train. In our experiments, a learning rate of 2e-6…

  • Unity Design Patterns: Optimization

    Unity Design Patterns: Optimization

    Some low level optimizations present at Unite Los Angeles and Unite Europe 2016. Unite Los Angeles 2016 Move configuration data to Scriptable Objects. Utilize the new instantiate call when parenting an object. Don’t needlessly parent objects in production. Batch changes to Transforms in order to save on transform change message calls. Optimize game object transforms…

  • Unity Design Patterns: Scriptable Objects

    Unity Design Patterns: Scriptable Objects

    An interesting use of Scriptable Objects within Unity as demonstrated at Unite 2016. video Data Scriptable Object Data Scriptable Manager   Instanced Scriptable Object  

  • Unity Audio Wave Tutorial

    Unity Audio Wave Tutorial

    Games are dynamic systems responding on different types of data inputs to create interesting results for the player. One such source of data is Audio which can at its best help the player have an emotional connection to what’s happening on screen. So with this in mind utilizing audio is many different ways can improve…

  • Unity Shader Primer

    Unity Shader Primer

    Shaders are one of the more obscure technologies within the Unity game engine, and while the documentation covers most of the shader language and functions it fails to provide comprehensive techniques that would result in compelling graphics. They’re core focus appears to be that of treating shaders as a black box with which materials are…

  • Fluid Simulation

    Fluid Simulation

    Using cellular automata I implemented a simple fluid simulation into the Unity Engine. Each cell in this implementation represents a unit in space containing either fluid, air, or solid mass. For each frame of the simulation a calculation is made attempting to move all the fluid into a state of equilibrium, where the fluid in…