Book of Math

Book of Math is a game where the player uses their math skills to attack and defend. The quicker the player solves the math problem the greater their chances will be during combat.

This was a team project for CS160: Game AI, taught by Professor Michael Mateas. The game concept was created by Jason Roth, Ed Rameriez, Dan Malear, and Dennis Foley for their Game Design Experience course. I assisted on this project in the development of the AI commentator, specifically the design and behaviors . The AI collected data about the player as they battled through the game and based on that data would select, and display, an XML encoded comment. Using a simple selection technique the AI maintained a data set, and based on that set selected an appropriate comment to display after a battle regarding the players performance.

I was tasked with programming both unique actions for the AI to select from, and writing the corresponding comments to match those actions.